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 An Update For ya

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Mr. Eko


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PostSubject: An Update For ya   Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:28 am

I guess a significant amount of stuff has gone on since my last confessional, where do I begin? Ok first I should explain what my alliances are and who I'm talking with. Mainly right now I have the Arrow Station group which is me Kate Charlie and Ana. I really don't talk with any of them that much on a deeper level, to me right now it most seems like an alliance of convenience. It's simple and doesn't require much strategizing. We just get together and decide who we want gone, problem solved. That's cool enough and I'm sure I'll want to work with atleast one of those people on a closer level at some point, but I'm really not relying on the alliance to get me down to the final 4 and just taking it from there. Desmond is probably my closest single ally in the game. I like him cause he seems like a genuine guy, who would really fight for someone in this game, up to this point I've had to lie to him a lot because I've been hiding the fact that I've been in the majority alliance of the tribe and pretending that I was on the outs with him. Most of the reason I like to do this in games is just to keep my options open. Playing like this can easily come back to bite you in the butt because you have to count on people not talking to eachother, but up to this point I think I've managed to remain pretty undetected. The big upside to this is that I'm guessing the peope in the Arrow Station alliance won't suspect me to have an ally on the side, and it allows me to make a move when it best suits me. Oh yeah and now to the merge where I've been united with my buddy John Locke from the other tribe. This was a partnership that arose from the first day when he send me a message before the tribes had been split. I'm really over the top with the way I talk to him, mostly I'm trying to make him believe that that one message he sent me on the first day was like the only one I've received and I'm determined to work together even if it means my downfall in the game. Of course I don't really think this, but as long as I have someone on the other side looking out for me and feeding me some information, I think the arrangement works. For the record, I really don't trust Locke one bit, he strikes me as someone who doesn't really know the meaning of the word loyalty in a game like this. Hopefully I can string him along as long as it helps me and then let him go in a gentle way. It was interesting after we lost the challenge today because while I knew Charlie would want to stick together, I wasn't sure exactly what Juliet was thinking. It was my main objective to throw the vote onto Ben and away from Locke so I wouldn't have him come back from Redemption Island with fire in his eyes looking to get me out of this game. However I really didn't care much if one of my tribemates went to RI because of the idol being played. With that in mind started up a convo with Locke and told him exactly what our plan was tonight. I told him I had gotten our tribe to vote for Ben and that of course I would never vote for him, but it was in my best interest to get rid of one of his tribe members. I also told him I knew they had an idol to use and that if he wanted to he should just use it on Ben then and vote out either Charlie or Juliet. I'm sure going through his mind were the questions of whether not he was being played by me and trying to get him to use it on the wrong person. Since I told him the truth though, I keep my credibility and I think move forward with several options of how to proceed. Sorry for the long boring, strategy oriented confessional, but that's what I'm about.
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An Update For ya
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