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 Snakes, Shakes, and Breaks

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PostSubject: Snakes, Shakes, and Breaks   Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:21 pm

How quickly plans can change. Charles is still a lunatic.
But everything else I thought I might do has changed.

I thought Sun was a quiet, honest person. But already I have
heard that she has tried to align with me and Ana, Kate and Ana,
and everyone's gramma and their dog as well.

She is also telling Kate that I should be the target.

I'm scared to keep Kate around any longer, but I can't
work with someone so two faced as Sun. I hate when people
act nice to your face and then immediately try to stab you
in the back.

The target is definitely Sun if we lose. I hope she doesn't have
the idol. I got idol'd out of the last Zuchini game. If it happens
again I will never recover.
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Snakes, Shakes, and Breaks
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