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 Immunity Challenge #2

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PostSubject: Immunity Challenge #2   Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:16 am

We won again. It was a simple tribe participation challenge and
we were all present. Easy peasy.

I branched out and talked to Mr. Eko. He proposed the plan of
contacting Juliet and Sawyer, since they have smaller post counts.

Eko figures the other 4 have a private chat/alliance going, as
evidenced by a higher post count.

Very clever Eko. I like that. I am going to make him my number
one ally.

I also contacted Ana Lucia as a back up plan. Or as a way of peering
into the other group and to make as many connections as possible.

I hope out tribe is just relaxed and not plotting too much, since we keep
slaughtering the other tribe.
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Immunity Challenge #2
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