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 Oooh Friends!

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Mr. Eko


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PostSubject: Oooh Friends!   Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:57 am

Well I seem to be quite secure within the tribe right now. Obviously showing up to challenges almost guarantees a spot in the game at this point, but beyond that I think most of the people in this tribe believe me to be a good person to work with. Even that is not hard right now either, I don't want to pretend to be some mastermind right now cause all I've managed to do is secure myself a place in the kind of alpha group (Kate, Ana, Charlie), and as well make some in roads with some of the less active players (mainly Desmond and Sawyer) who need an ally. Also I have an ally on the other side in John, who is someone I really don't trust just based on intuition, but I always like to have a person on the other tribe to secretly work with in case I ever need a surprise number. It's a dangerous spot to be in cause I really do run the risk of segregating the tribe and drawing the line too soon, and if we lose any time soon that's when I really get into trouble. The trick of the matter will be to remain ambiguous and keep everyone smiling and in the dark while being able to make key decisions in my best interest. I'd be surprised if it worked, but for the moment I'm happy to have sooo many fwiends bounce

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Oooh Friends!
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