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 Tomorrow night

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Mr. Eko


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PostSubject: Tomorrow night   Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:08 am

Huge night. I really hope I can get rid of Ben, my odds of beating him are slim to none in a finals. However I think my odds of getting to the finals isn't too bad. Ben wins, best case scenario them two vote Juliet, me and her vote Sun. Worst case scenario, Juliet flips on me and I go home 3-1. What I think will happen if Bens win, vote will be 2-2, and then me and Sun duke it out in a tiebreaker which I think I can win. Hopefully I sold Juliet on the you and me narrative with these last messages.

Juliet - I feel like the biggest jackass right now. Excuse me if I'm not talkative.

Me - Don't worry about it, I'm not convinced that Desmond didn't say that last bit anyways. You're a genuine good person, that's an extreme rarity in these games...however this game turns out, I hope we can keep in touch outside of it, definitely looking forward to finding out who you are!

It's not that I don't think that, cause I do like Juliet, but the main purpose of that message is to hopefully guilt trip her into not voting me out next time.
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Tomorrow night
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