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 Figures, Stupid Idol

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PostSubject: Figures, Stupid Idol   Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:41 am

A lame idol ruins someone's game. Poor Ana. Thank goodness
idol nonsense is over.

If I turn off my heart and switch on ol' brainy, it appears that my
best chance of winning would be against Eko and Sun.

Although in that scenario, a lot of the jury might give the win to Sun,
based on spite. If that were to happen, it would really be a lame ending
and would do injustice to this game, which has been great.

If that is what the f3 ends up as, I hope that the jury is over most of their
bitterness by then.

The other option is to just vote out Ben and Sun and go with the f3 I
had plans with for a long time. I don't know if Eko would be popular
with the jury, but something tells me Juliet might. I really hate breaking
promises to someone that I have worked so closely with, but if I don't
want to just hand her the victory, I may have to do something terrible.

It's a tough choice, and it is one that I will probably have to make soon.

Ugh. For the first time in this game, I am a bit torn on what the right thing
to do is.
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Figures, Stupid Idol
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