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 Moving Forward

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Mr. Eko


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PostSubject: Moving Forward   Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:43 pm

Can't get too hung up on last nights vote. I wish I had been able to swing it another way, but there is still game left to be played. A rule I always try to play by is never get angry or negatively emotional. Other players in the game, namely your allies, see that energy and it makes them uneasy about you. I let it affect me a little last night, but now I just need to reign it in and put a smile on my face. One positive is that yesterday I was worried about convincing Desmond and Ana to get rid of Juliet and have us go into the final 3 together, but after what Charlie said about none of us getting his vote I think it might help my case. Regardless of what Charlie had to say, I had already come to the conclusion that Juliet would not be a good person to sit next to. Nobody likes floaters but if she makes it to the end after jumping all over the place people are going to have to give her props. Plus she hasn't had to betray anyone, mostly because she hasn't had any real close allies, but honestly she has immunity to fucking people over. If Ben win tonight, I would be down to blindside Juliet even though I think she has the idol which makes things way more annoyingly complicated.
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Moving Forward
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