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 Why I'm Going To Win

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PostSubject: Why I'm Going To Win   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:54 pm

It's strange. I don't feel like I'm playing the best game I have ever played,
but I seem to be more in control than ever before, and no one seems to hate me.
Maybe my game play has changed a little and I didn't even realize it.
Maybe I am just fresh from having a long layover.
Or maybe I can only succeed in games where people don't know who I am.
Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

At merge, Juliet and I flipped on our old tribe and blindsided Kate. It was a goal
of mine to break up Kate and Charlie before merge. I managed it just after, so good enough.

Then Juliet and I convinced the others that we were with them, but blindsided their leader, John.
Another threat gone.

Then we convinced Ben and Sun that we would vote Eko with them (made sure the votes were
not on us) but blindsided Charles instead. Many might not consider him a threat, but I know that
he was more clever than he let on. He suspected a few things that I was keeping hidden, and I am
glad he is gone.

Even though we lied 3 times in a row and committed 3 massive blindsides, I still have everyone in
the game eating out of my hand.

Well Juliet is my f2 since merge, so I wouldn't say that about her.

Ben; has no choice but to keep hoping that I will side with him this time.

Sun; huge floater that doesn't know what's going on at all.

Charlie; lost most of his power when Kate left. Ana says he is now working with Sun. I consider him
one of the biggest threats left, so you know what that means....

Ana; wants to go f4 with me, Eko, and Juliet.

Eko; my closest ally besides Juliet. Plans to go f3 with us.

There it is. All laid out. Can I close the deal and make it to the end?

Best of all. No one in the game even suspects that Juliet and I are a dynamic duo. People
think that we barely talk and that I am just going with the flow. But that's how I like it.

Control without the appearance of control. That should be my next confessional title!
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Why I'm Going To Win
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