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 Maintaining the Balance

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Mr. Eko


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PostSubject: Maintaining the Balance   Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:13 pm

Right now I feel that I've set things up pretty strongly for myself in this game. I think I played a huge role in that last vote and getting everyone on the same page. Now it's only a matter of keeping everyone on the same page. What I've managed to do now is set up a series of sub alliances within our 5 person former Dharma group. The best thing about this arrangement is that (to my knowledge at least) I seem to be the only person with his foot in every alliance, which means ultimately I would have license to chose whichever group I wanted to go to the finals with and stay out of the others crosshairs when things get messy. I'm hoping no one is wise to this yet because for the time being I don't want to be exposed as any sort of threat. Jury control is something I'm fairly conscious of, in that, while I know I'm in a strong position right now, I've also put myself in the position of having to lie and betray someone down the line.

I'm in a pretty tricky spot right now with Charles on the other tribe. I sent out another lame message before the last vote, this time to Charles, in hopes that he would report back to John that I was scrambling and therefore they wouldn't see the vote coming. But for some mad reason, he was actually very receptive to my lame attempt to persuade him, which I didn't even consider a possibility. In the end it looks like he didn't even vote for me, but threw his vote at Charlie. Like WTF? Now I almost feel like I owe him something in return, or that I have to walk on eggshells with the guy now cause if I throw him under the bus he's going to be pissed at me on the jury. He wants Juliet gone, and I've told him that I don't think it's the right time, but that I'll try to keep the heat off him for a while. In reality, I'd like to see him gone tonight because I won't be able to make tonights challenge or strategizing afterwards so I think I would have a legit excuse for not being able to stop the vote. Plus the guy is definitely a loose cannon, and anything I tell him right now he could go around blabbing about to the other people I'm working with so it would be all in all just better to get it over with tonight.
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Maintaining the Balance
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