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 Another Threat Gone

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PostSubject: Another Threat Gone   Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:16 pm

The plan to remove Kate went off without a hitch. In fact, the fallout
from not voting with our "old tribe" was minimal for Juliet and I.

Eko was actually happy that we had pulled that off and didn't seem
upset in the least. Ana came to me and asked "where do we go from
here.' And Charlie was mad for a bit, but then cooled down.

Basically all those reactions were what I was hoping for. Now that Charlie
and Kate have been broken up, the followers that were held together by
that duo fell apart and had to come to me for support instead.

Eko wants to go f3 with Juliet and I, which is awesome because then we have
a 2 out of 3 shot to go f2. Juliet and I are working so well together.

Charlie and Ana seem happy to go to f5 as well. So it looks like a straightforward
path to the finals. But I'm expecting some speed bumps along the way.

Last night, Juliet and I pulled off another blindside. We convinced John that
the other tribe was thinking of voting him off. He got paranoid and started
talking about playing his idol. But then he cooled down and decided to misdirect
only me.

He told me to vote Charlie, but he told his private group (Juliet, Ben, Sun, Charles)
that they should vote Eko. He was afraid of someone playing an idol and thought
Charlie or Ana might have one. I know better because my partner in crime Juliet has
already told me that she has it. This is amazing. Just in case someone tries to make
a move on us before we get to our desired f5, we can use the idol for added protection.

Juliet has been revealing everything John's group has been saying in private. So we really
have had a strong grip on controlling the last 2 votes. Now that we blindsided John, the
others are no longer going to trust us. But that is ok because we now have a 5-3 advantage.

The only obstacle left to deal with is the idol that Ben has. John could have been voted
out with it. But we have to assume that Ben still has it. So we should vote off Charles next,
then split the votes for Sun and Ben and get that idol out for good.
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Another Threat Gone
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