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Charlie Pace


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PostSubject: -Top Eight-   Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:04 am

I'm happy to see Locke exit tonight. He had a big ego during my earlier eviction so I'm glad he left before I did. Juliet has the other idol and who knows maybe Ben had the idol all along. Either way they are still big threats and its never a good idea to let people with idols just slide by.

Here are my thoughts on the top 8. I've lost Sun's trust completely and I do feel bad for voting for her last round. I think I got a good relation with Charles since we talk on PM's now. I'm with Eko & Ana Lucia right now and we have a final 3 deal, I'm hoping I can continue to trust them. Desmond lost my trust and its gonna be hard to gain it back. Juliet has proven to be a tough player, either that or she's getting extremely lucky but I wouldn't mind seeing her go next. The round would be the perfect time to get rid of her, while she doesn't see it coming but idk if Eko or Ana Lucia have the guts to actually do it.
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-Top Eight-
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