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 Maybe I'm a fool...

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Mr. Eko


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PostSubject: Maybe I'm a fool...   Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:39 pm

but I'm not worried about the numbers tonight. Judging what happened at the last tribal you would probably come to the conclusion that Juliet and Desmond have jumped ship. However, the first thing I did when I saw Juliet had voted Charlie was send her a message and say that I understand why she did what she did and that if we could ever work together in the future I would be happy to. I don't close doors in this game, I open them. Then I proposed a plan last night to Desmond and Juliet which puts us into a final 3 alliance. It's no secret that Juliet and Desmond were on the bottom of our original Dharma tribe, and they were scared to continue to work within the group as a result. As a show of good faith I told Juliet that we would get rid of Kate last night one way or another (my original plan involved getting the Banjo Kazooie idol to be played). I said moving forward me her and Desmond would be working in a 3some within our original Dharma 5. So tonight with the Banjo Kazooie people feeling snuggly, Juliet and Desmond are going to creep back over no mans land and vote with us to blindside one of their big threats. Maybe I'm naive but I trust peoples motivations tonight and I believe this will work. The stuff part though is that in order for this to work and get me and my true alliance of Juliet and Desmond to the finals, it requires me to make a series of false deals to keep everyone else feeling secure. For starters Ana thinks it is her and not Desmond who is working with Juliet, in other words she feels very in the know, and then with her I've created a second degree fake alliance with Charlie in order to keep him from getting suspicious. It's somewhat challenging to keep everything in line, but I think it will work out. The only wild card for tonight that I don't have confirmation from is Charlie, and I'm only worried about the slight chance that he might go rogue because he doesnt trust Juliet's word anymore, but really I don't think he has any other options. It's hilarious because Locke is messaging me right now on his high horse, saying he's not sure whether or not he can save me tonight. OH NO Sad!! We'll see if I can save you tonight friend...
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Maybe I'm a fool...
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