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 Startegy To The Forefront

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PostSubject: Startegy To The Forefront   Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:55 am

Last night was the first time in this game that I was able to
start being a force in the game.

I found my f2 partner, the lovely Juliet. I had purposely not
made and deals until merge, because I think people respect that
more. If I make it to the end I can honestly say that I only had
one f2 deal and I didn't lead anyone else on.

Juliet is doing much of the dirty work. She is simultaneously gaining
the trust of both sides with the intention of betraying them both. I am
going to do the same thing, but hopefully in a way that makes me less

Juliet was in a private chat with the other tribe last night. She was telling
me everything they were saying. She and I are going to sit right in the middle
and have all the info whenever we need it. Then we are going to go back and
forth, eliminating the threats from each side until we are the only "power
players" to emerge.

All the other threats did a bad job of hiding their power. I have done a superb
job of seeming like an innocent little flower that has no chance. But like always,
I am plotting and scheming harder than anyone.

The vote out should be Kate, unless an idol is played. In that case it would be Sun.
I think Kate will go because Juliet convinced our "old tribe" or Eko, Charlie, Kate
and Ana that she would vote Sun with them. Charlie and Kate tried to trick
John into thinking the vote was him so he would waste his idol (He and Ben are
sharing it).

I revealed to John what the plan was (even though he already knew from Juliet)
which allowed us both to gain a lot of trust from him. We hope to use this trust
to blindside him soon.

The old tribe will be mad when Kate leaves, but we hope that they will see no
other option than to work with us to get Ben or John out next. The other tribe
will prob just expect us to vote Charlie next or something simple, so we will have
to convince them that we will do that.

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Startegy To The Forefront
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